A Good Coach Can Change A GAME, A Great Coach Can Change A LIFE

-John Wooden 

W.T.T.I.A  Welcomes You!!
Your personalized coach to acquire new skills or enhance current skills so that you can achieve your desired career goals.

How to get quality jobs in travel and tourism sector?

How to prepare an Impressive Resume?

How to showcase yourself in the interview?

How to crack multiple round of interviews?

How to handle tricky questions in the interview?

How you can increase your visibility at your workplace?

How to be an influencer to increase credibility in your social circle?

How to grab job opportunities to work with top travel companies?



Confused about your career path?

Pursuing Degree 

Pursuing a degree in travel, tourism and hospitality?

tourism graduate?

A recent tourism graduate?

A college dropout?

A college dropout hunting for job in travel industry?


Struggling to find your dream job in travel and tourism?

Not satisfied with campus placement?

Not satisfied with campus placements given by your institute/college/university?

Not able to increase your earning?

Stuck at a crossroad where you are not able to increase your earning?


Struggling for personal as well as professional development?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are on the right platform at the right time.


► As a Coach, I would help you to gain relevant skills, tactics and techniques so that you can achieve your goals with 10x speed by working smartly on your desired career goals.

►I have designed my products and services highlighting the core area of travel industry which helps you to showcase yourself as an asset to the company because companies believes that an employee with entrepreneurial mind-set create value for them and boost up the organization’s growth.

► My mission is to empower recent tourism graduates by giving them an exposure about the recent travel trends, business models and operational procedures of new age travel companies so that they can explore maximum opportunities according to their interests and they can start making good money at their earliest by being an entrepreneur in travel industry.


Hiring Expertise

Expert in gauging capabilities and potential of a candidate

Operational Expertise

14+ years’ of experience in handling day to day operations

Product Expertise

Expert in process automation and customer experience enhancement 

Training Expertise

Expert in designing cross training plans and giving classroom trainings

Our Portfolio Includes

Global Travel Portal LLC

DUBAI (Sr. Manager)

Goibibo & Makemytrip

INDIA (Deputy Manager)

Simplify your Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

INDIA (Director)

Southall Travel Ltd

LONDON (Asst. Team Leader)

Shell Transource Ltd

INDIA (Sr.Executive)

Our 360° Training Sessions, Workshops and Seminars comprises of

Digitally Advanced Travel Companies Frameworks
Understanding Most Impactful Leadership Competencies
Identifying USP & Create a Personal Brand
Understanding Org. Structure
Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
Case Studies on Travel Professionals
Resume Health Check (RHC)
Career Development Strategies
Post Training Assessment


► Unfortunately, most of the students who would like to build up their career in travel and tourism industry have no idea how to proceed in right direction.

► Because of the wide range of products, services and companies students get confused while choosing the correct platform.

► Hence, learning to plan a career can help students to achieve their desired career goals faster or sooner.

► I believe that students must have an artistic sense to design their career canvas so that they can become a dignified professional and building a career as a recent graduate is about overcoming by the challenges and obstacles on a daily basis, isn’t it?

► The travel industry has been transformed radically in the last 2 decades due to which significant differences existed between the perceptions of tourism graduates and recruiters regarding professional, operational, knowledge and skill attributes.

► As, the travel trends are changing on a daily basis, students need to up skill themselves accordingly because just a degree alone cannot help them to gain a competitive edge.