Students and Interview

I was interviewing for the post of ‘Air Ticketing Executive’

The candidate was a fresher and completed his diploma in Travel and Tourism.

Me: Do you have knowledge about Air Ticketing?

He: I have done (ABC) course.

Me: Did you really learn anything from the course? or did you just enrolled in it to get the certification?

He: Sir, I paid a course fee of Rs.15,000/- to do the course. Do you know how I managed to pay the fee? Why would I waste hard-earned money of my parents on a course that I do not intend to learn from!

I kept quite for a while and started thinking. I expected as usual answer like ìNo sir, I am hard working and I have completed the course with first division “kind of a response.

I was about to ask my next question to verify if he really has enough knowledge about Air Ticketing. – but with this answer, I didn’t feel the need to check anything further.

All I want to say is that, there are students (all from well to do families) studying in branded colleges or universities.

I am not saying that these students do not value money, but generally a fees of Rs.15,000/- is not a big deal for them. 

When I heard his answer, I stopped asking technical questions and went to his background straight away.

He was a son of a Farmer came to Delhi from a remote village near Punjab in hope of building a career.

He could hardly afford the course fee – leave alone, the cost of staying in Delhi. 

His parents couldn’t send him any more money. So, he worked part-time to earn his course fee, a thing that he was proud of!

I straight away gave him a chance (which he deserved) without any further questions and hired him.

But I always think how we take all the education that we received for granted and how lucky we were to not have undergone a struggle like this.