Job Hack

By Himanshu Aggarwal

Hey Jobseekers,

Let me share few jobs hack with you.

Well, I formulated 4 to 5 strategies which helped me get a job easily when I was in the initial stages of my career.

I used to make a list of current openings in my industry (travel and tourism).

And performed industry wise search on 5 different job portals to create that list.

Then, I noted down the top 50 openings mentioning the company and HR person contact details along with job description relevant to my profile.

While applying for 5 jobs on a daily basis for the next 10 days,

I used to call HRs to get the confirmation whether they have received my application or not.

This makes my profile appears somewhere in the HR’s mind.

This helped me in getting interview calls from almost 80% of the companies where Iapplied for the job.

Afterwards, I always appeared in telephonic or face to face interview on time given by the HR.

I used to take follow ups once in a week, to get an update on my application.

By following these tactics, I never sat idle or without job for more than 10 days.

But, before moving forward with these strategies you must enure that:

-you should be ready with a compelling resume

-you should have a proper profile on jobportals

-you must include a cover note on your resume/profile



Skills are never taught, they are acquired.”