Job Seekers

By Himanshu Aggarwal

Are you struggling for a job?

Do you feel stuck at a crossroad where you are unable to find out the way?

“Don’t sit idle, use your mind to make your destiny.”

This is the perfect time to:

-Create a compelling resume

-Optimize your social media profiles

-Enhance your skills

-Network with like minded people

-Explore the jobs online

-Practice telephonic and video interviews

-Stay positive without losing self control

-Actively engage on social media positively

-Take good care of yourself and your loved ones

-Have faith in god

I do understand that job hunting is draining but need not to feel discouraged.

This too shall pass as COVID-19 won’t lasts forever.

Life is a riddle,

Don’t sit idle!


Your life will be miserable..

Travel Tutor

“The best yardstick for our progress is not other people, but ourselves”