By Himanshu Aggarwal

I hired a fresher in my team when I was a part of Southall Travel leadership team.

It was his first day on floor after training and he was bit nervous while working on the bookings.

He had to claim the refund on GDS (Amadeus) for 2 passengers who were booked on a single PNR with other 2 passengers as there were 4 passengers in total.

He didn’t know how to split the PNRs for those 2 passengers which needs to be cancel.

I sat with him and picked up 4 more bookings from the cancellation queue with same scenario.

I worked on 3 bookings to show him, how to split the PNRs and what all needs to be checked before claiming refund for partial passengers to avoid unnecessary revenue loss or error.

Then, I told him to work on rest of the 2 bookings and if there would be an error or loss I will be answerable to the management.

And guess what, he claimed the refund on those 2 bookings correctively and that too in just 8 mins. whereas the ATT (Avg. Trans. Time) was 10 mins. per booking to calculate productive hours.

He saved 12 mins. to claim refunds of 2 bookings.

A leader is one who, knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.
Great leadership is not about telling what to do, it’s all about showing how it’s done.


” Be a leader you would want to follow. Believe in Yourself. Born to lead. Champions keep playing until they get it right”