By Himanshu Aggarwal

I got a message from a candidate looking for my assistance in job search.

He is pursuing graduation in tourism studies and about to complete his last semester in the next 2 months.

Me: Why did you choose tourism as a career?

He: Sir, I am very fond of travelling new places and meeting new people.

One of the most common answer I have heard while screening freshers or when I go to the schools or colleges for guest lectures to spread awareness about how you can get 10X speed in your career in travel and tourism.

I observed, mostly students believes that almost all the travel related job profile includes travelling free on behalf of the organisation.

Well, it’s actually a myth which is very common amongst freshers.

And the fact is, pursuing a degree or diploma in tourism doesn’t mean you can get a job that includes travelling.

I do understand that getting a travelling job is everyoneís dream because everybody loves travelling but you must work hard and you need to invest time as well as money to achieve the job of your dreams.

Why I am telling you this because an organisation wouldnít invest a single penny to bear your travel expense until you prove yourself as an expert in a particular domain.

Speaking from my personal experience there are people working in the same organisation for 10+ years who still doesn’t get a chance to travel on companyís expense.

So it is advisable to focus on your learning and skill development.

This is the only option to travel free of cost on companyís expense as it would automatically become a part of your job profile sooner or later.

Above all, students should get a proper career guidance or counselling before choosing industry to build up their career positively.

“Schooling doesn’t assure employment but skill does.”