Power of Up Skilling

I met with a guy 6 months back who came to attend my ‘Career Guidance’ workshop at Travel Tutor’s Delhi, Training centre.

He was from a very popular town (Pathankot) in Punjab, INDIA.

He shared his story with me post workshop.

He came to Delhi in search for a job and he had been looted by a fake placement agency (as they asked to pay 70K) who promised him a job with airline as a reservation staff at Delhi Airport.

He revealed that he is working on a baggage wraping counter at the airport since last 3 months and the placement agency told him that we are in a discussion with airline to transfer you in reservations.

He left the job as he was not getting the concrete response.

He was very disappointed with the treatment and about to go back to his home town.

I helped him to boost his product knowledge and told him to practice few interview questions.

Afterwards, I aligned him for few interviews with various travel companies and finally he got selected.

He called me today and said,

Sir, that was the luckiest day of my life when I attended your workshop.

As there were few layoffs happened in his organisation but he didn’t lost the job just because he is an excellent customer service expert.

I feel so proud to be his mentor.

This is the ‘Power of Up-skilling’.


“If you’re waiting until you feel talented enough to make it, you’ll never make it.”