By Himanshu Aggarwal

Excellence is not a Skill !!
It is an ATTITUDE….

Common Questions. asked by Freshers on Interview Call:-

– type of work I have to do?
– is it a sales process?
– whatís the job location?
– how much is the salary?
– how much time it would take to finish up the interview?
– am I get the offer letter same day?
– do the company provide cab facility?
– do I have to work in the night shifts?

This shows your seriousness, maturity and willingness about building your career.

And, it clearly states that you want to enjoy life by living in your comfort zone.

They say that, ìGreat things NEVER come from Comfort Zones.î

It keeps you away to try new things and to showcase your full potential.

Interview is a game of 80-20 i.e.


Cross questioning may result rejections because, you failed to show the
positive ATTITUDE
which contributes
80% in your SELECTION.

I do agree that itís your right to know the answer of above questions.

but, you should find an alternative way to clear your doubts,
instead of cross questioning with the HR Recruiters.

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“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals”