Recent Graduate and Masters

By Himanshu Aggarwal

What are the topics covered in your travel and tourism #bachelors or master degree courses ? 


Most common answers by recent graduates, after interviewing more than 200 candidates for current job openings in travel company 


1. History & environment of tourism

2. Perspective & accounting for tourism

3. Tourism marketing & management

4. Sustainable tourism & economics of tourism

5. Travel trade management & tourism laws

6. Economics of tourism


And many more as the curriculum taught was designed in 20th century ?


Now on the other side, the ques. I have asked considering the business requirements of my clients are ?


1. What are the mandatory details reqd. to book a flight or a #hotel ?

2. What do you understand by travel insurance?

3. What is the diff. b/w #Indigo Airline & Air India?

4. Name 5 countries that allow #Indians to travel visa free?

5. What do you understand by golden triangle tour?

6. What does a holiday package typically include?

7. What is the diff. b/w a #guide and a tour escort?

8. When a flight originates from Tokyo to Los Angeles then it crosses which #ocean?

9. Which airline is being acquired by Air India in year 2007?

10. What is the name of hyderabad airport?


This makes a candidate unemployed, isn’t it?


It’s time to wake up guys..!

“Life is like a tango; fortunate are the few who can master it”